I just noticed, thanks to the very kind e-mail from a reader, that the short blurb for this blog had a typo. I think that typo has been there since I first started blogging almost a year ago.

Proofreaders should be perfect. Everything they write or blog about should be typo free.

While the last statement is something I strive for, I have to tell you that I’m not perfect. I am human. And being human, I make mistakes. Sometimes I type without paying attention. Just like the rest of you, I have moments where my computer burps or my fingers hit the wrong keys. It happens.

While it has been suggested that I write these posts in word and edit them before publishing, I don’t always take the time to do that. Sometimes life gets in the way, or I want to publish something on the spur of the moment without editing it first. This is what a lot of people do. Please forgive me for being human.

However being human in a business that works with words is not always allowed. Unlike a lot of you, I make my living finding the errors or typos that others miss. I have to tell you that it doesn’t look good when the typos are allowed to exist in a world that never sleeps. Not finding the typo, even though I look for them before I publish a blog, makes me look like a fool. Or it makes me look like someone who may not be good at what she does. Looking like a fool is not good for business. Not taking the time to catch the typo is not good for business either, especially when typos are your bread and butter.

For this reason I will try to be more diligent when looking for typos in my blogs before I post them. I also hope that when you see an error, you will politely point out the error. After all, we learn by our mistakes.

I am happy that one of my readers took the time to point out my typo. I have already personally thanked her for doing so. The typo gave me an opportunity to edit the header for my blog and gave me the subject for this one. It also gave me the chance to see how many followers I have. And while I don’t have many, I do know that my followers take the time to point out the mistakes they see. For that, I am grateful.