I was extremely busy for the past nine months. I didn’t really have much time to breathe. Then unexpectedly I hit a snag. Now I find myself twiddling my thumbs and being bored. Have you ever been in that situation? If you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Instead of sitting around and wondering what to do, I got busy.

I stepped up my marketing, have several irons in the fire and have plans to do more.

I decided to clean out thirty years of clutter that seemed to move with us every time we moved.

I am also taking the opportunity to make one of my dreams a reality. I am taking a spare bedroom and turning it into a home office. This task alone will probably take me two weeks, but I’m making progress. It’s also great exercise carrying the bags of garbage down to the recycling bin or garbage can every afternoon.

In my desk drawers and filing cabinet, I’ve found old pictures of my two daughters when they were little, some of their old school projects, report cards, and other incidentals that make me pause and smile. What a way to take a quick trip down memory lane!

It may take me two weeks and a lot of sweat to turn the spare room into an office but it’s worth the effort for the view alone. It’s also worth donating the books I no longer read to the Friends of the Library and taking all the knick-knacks to a local nonprofit.

I have put new batteries in my Bullwinkle clock, have great plans for the room’s decor, and want to find a comfortable chair to sit in while working on the proofreading projects that will pour in.

I also get to take my files out of the basement and put them in my office filing cabinet! And I’m making a dream that I have had for a long time a reality. Something that we often neglect to do.

I have taken some time while cleaning, because I can only clean for two hours at a time, to read The Wealthy Freelancer. It’s a good read. And while it doesn’t deal specifically with the career of an editing freelancer, the tips in the book are definitely worth the time.

I am also taking time to work on my attitude. If nothing else, the time between projects has forced me to review and appreciate my freelancing life and what I have accomplished this far. I love what I do and know that I will have the chance to work on other proofreading projects.

If this isn’t enough, while I have the time and after I make my home office a reality, I’m going to take some classes. I have already enrolled in a few. Guess I’m a card-carrying type A personality!

Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, I made my lemons into lemonade. I hope you do the same if you ever find yourself with time on your hands.