Finding Your Niche, Part Two

January 30, 2011

In the first part of my Finding Your Niche series, Laura Poole, founder of Archer Editorial Services ( and co-founder of Editorial Bootcamp (, answered the thirteen questions I asked three editors about finding your niche. She presented an interesting perspective and provided great answers to my questions. In this post, Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, ELS, answers the same questions. Katharine has been in publishing for 27 years, the first 11 as a production editor for various … Read more.

The Career Leap from Proofreader to Editor

January 26, 2011

The following is a guest blog post I wrote for Shakirah Dawud. It appears on her website at: You can also read that post here. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Welcome Cassie Armstrong of Morningstar Editing, a self-styled “newbie” copyeditor who has had the wisdom, generosity, and humility to chronicle her career leap into copyediting. She also provides more resources than I thought it was possible to cram into so few words! Aspiring … Read more.

Finding Your Niche, part one

January 18, 2011

Everyone dreams of working in a profession where going to work every day is a joy, not a drudgery. Editors are no exception. Like teachers, doctors, and writers, editors often specialize in one area. That specialization comes after an editor has proven herself as dependable and competent and has made a name for herself. Establishing yourself as an editor takes time. Finding your specialization might take even longer. After four years, I’m not at the … Read more.

Keeping My Customers Satisfied

November 29, 2010

When freelancing, one size does not fit all. Each client may require something the other doesn’t. It’s in your best interest to know what your client expects. Give them what they want.

While this may seem obvious to you, it wasn’t obvious to me when I started editing. I’ve learned that clients are like children. They’re individuals with individual needs and differences. It’s your job as a freelancer to learn how clients differ and do … Read more.

A Conversation with Dr. Freelance

September 23, 2010

I had the opportunity recently to interview Dr. Freelance, aka Jake Poinier, principal at Boomvang Creative Group, a Phoenix-based editorial services/advertising/marketing firm, and the erstwhile blogger on a variety of entrepreneurial topics at Jake’s Take. You can learn more about Dr. Freelance, ask him questions, and read his great advice at Right now, take some time, sit back, and enjoy our conversation.

MSE: Could you tell us about your background? How did you get … Read more.