Manuscript Evaluation

When you’ve finally finished your book, you are eager to get it off to the publishers to see if they’ll accept it for publication. But wait. One of the most frequent mistakes writers make is to not take the time to review and improve their manuscript before submitting it to publishers or agents or before publishing it on their own.

I can help provide feedback on specific areas of your manuscript that need improvement, or provide candid, expert feedback on the manuscript as a whole. Contact me at 719-494-6674.

My detailed, written manuscript evaluation includes:

  • Comments on the content, including characterization, dialogue, setting, believability, and research.
  • Feedback on writing techniques, including technical ability and style.
  • Suggestions for developing the manuscript.
  • Responses to particular questions you may have.

A manuscript evaluation is like inviting an editor into your office to sit down and talk to you about your writing. It is an affordable way to work with an editor to revise and strengthen your manuscript. A manuscript evaluation will make your book more readable, and therefore more sellable.

As a former English teacher, I have experience helping writers with the mechanics of writing and explaining why technical or style changes could improve their work. I enjoy working with authors who intend to self-publish their work, or are trying to pitch to agents and publishing companies. I pride myself on respecting each author’s individuality, and I help each writer produce a manuscript that has appeal to agents, publishers, and consumers, yet is still distinct.

Your manuscript evaluation will be a two- to six-page report, depending on the length of the manuscript, and will include specific feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Nonfiction writers receive a report that contains: a detailed overview of the manuscript, manuscript strengths, suggestions for improvement, the suggested editing service required, and a marketing section.

Fiction writers receive a report that includes all of this as well as sections on content, including character development, plot, setting, believability, and research. Fiction authors will also receive comments on the writing technique and style.

Both nonfiction and fiction authors receive a marketing section in the report. In the marketing section, I search Amazon and provide six titles of similar books currently on the market.

To use the manuscript evaluation service, please submit the following:

  • Your manuscript composed on a computer using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins, with the copyright indicated on the cover page.
  • Three specific questions you would like me to answer, or areas you would like me to address (optional).
  • A brief (one- or two-paragraph) synopsis.
  • Payment.

The evaluation process varies depending on the length of the submission, and the process takes two to eight weeks. The time frame will be discussed with each individual client. Manuscript evaluations do not include editing or proofreading, so your actual manuscript will be returned to you containing no additional editorial comments or corrections.

Contact me today for an estimate on evaluating your manuscript.